May 30, 2022 1 min read

If you haven't worn borrowed clothes, you haven't lived. Hahahaha. 

And let's be honest, we love the #bestfriend's favorite blouse or her new bag... But don't let them ask us for something, because we run hahaha, no lie, I'm not like that. As much as I resist – especially if they are my sisters – we always end up sharing everything. However, with makeup they recommend being a little selfish.

Brushes and brushes can easily transmit bacteria and germs. You should clean them regularly.

You are exposed to herpes, styes, conjunctivitis or acne.

Makeup products also have an expiration date, so be careful, because if it's borrowed you don't have that control and it can cause allergies.

Not all skins are the same. There are millions of options on the market and probably your friend's is not the same as yours.

The ones you should NEVER lend are your lipsticks, brushes, mascara, eye and mouth liner, and cream shadows.

And if you have no other options to share, opt for compact powder, liquid foundation or blush as products that you can share. Ojoooo… As long as they use a different applicator, since that is where bacteria are transmitted.

To take care!