January 26, 2022 1 min read

If you follow me, you know that I love being OPTIMISTIC. Even if I am going through the worst personal or professional moment, I always try to get something good out of that situation. Many may think that by having too much optimism we sin by not being realistic. Even we ourselves can think that everything is fine, when it really is not. In that precise moment of doubt, it is when we must put into practice intelligent optimism.

First, intelligent optimism accepts that something is right or wrong, but always maintains the conviction that what is bad is going to get better. Unlike the pessimist… the intelligent optimist accepts reality and is willing to face it.

I start the day with a purpose

I always have faith that it can improve the situation

I have confidence in myself and pay attention to my emotions

I immediately started working to achieve that change. I avoid procrastinating

I create opportunities to solve the conflict

I remember that reality we build ourselves

Being optimistic helps you live differently. You will have more confidence and hope, but... when we add the concept of emotional intelligence, we are also including solutions and opportunities.

Today I invite you to be intelligently optimistic. What will be your different thought of the day?